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Bryce Hall kisses Noah Beck & then breaks his heart

With a strange turn of events, Bryce Hall ended up kissing Noah Beck while the girlfriends were there to watch. It was not a role-play thing, or a fetish of some kind. In fact, Bryce Hall filmed a section of his latest vlog with his girlfriend (?) Addison Rae, Sway mate Noah Beck and Noah’s […]

Sway Boys are back with their girlfriends

The stans won this time. Halloween 2020 brought many people together, mostly for the Halloween parties amidst pandemic. The spooky holiday also brought together Sway Boys with their ex-girlfriends. Well, most of them, excluding Griffin Johnson. The Sway couples followed the “couple costumes” and surprised their fans. Let’s have a look at them going official […]

Noah Beck confirms he’ll join OnlyFans

Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio’s boyfriend, and a Sway boy, has officially started his YouTube career. Previously, Noah has been appearing in every other vlog by Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Blake Gray and other Sway boys. He spends most of his time making TikToks, working out or spending his time with Dixie. Now, the boys have […]

Dixie D’Amelio loves Noah Beck despite finding him annoying

The world of TikTok is still not over the news of Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck going official with their relationship. The fans practically dragged them into this relationship, and now they cannot stop wondering how serious these both are. Dixie’s ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson also has to face same questions from same tabloids every day. […]

All celebrities Larray came after on his Diss Track ‘Canceled’

Tiktoker and YouTuber Larray is here to cancel everyone with his new diss track ‘Canceled’. The diss track features your favorite TikTok stars and YouTubers and you would be shocked to see some of them in the music video. That’s because most of the people Larray dissed are actually his close friends! And if anyone […]

Josh Richards uses Noah Beck as clickbait in his recent vlog

Now you all must be thinking why Josh Richards is using Noah Beck as a clickbait in his recent vlog. Well, it might just be to garner some attention and views. Or it may have something to do with the recent drama involving Griffin Johnson shading Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck in his new song. […]

Larray and Noah Beck’s style swap is hilarious

So I was just going through my IG feed and found some very hilarious pictures of Larray and Noah Beck. Some of you might not know that Larray used to make vines. And now he is not just a TikTok content creator, but also a YouTuber. He also has a merch by the name of […]

James Charles Star Studded Classroom Collection Is Out Now

Guys, the wait is finally over as James Charles’ star-studded classroom collection is finally out on the Sisters Apparel website. Some of you might not know that this classroom collection has been making headlines in the gossip news tabloids. As two brands were claiming that James Charles has ripped off their color block designs. But […]