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All celebrities Larray came after on his Diss Track ‘Canceled’

Tiktoker and YouTuber Larray is here to cancel everyone with his new diss track ‘Canceled’. The diss track features your favorite TikTok stars and YouTubers and you would be shocked to see some of them in the music video. That’s because most of the people Larray dissed are actually his close friends! And if anyone […]

Nikita Dragun responds to race comments about her

Nikita Dragun recently posted a tweet addressing how people often accuse her of blackfishing and being racist. In a tweet which goes like ‘what race is Nikita gonna be today?’. This tweet was available till yesterday, but Dragun Mama has deleted it now. This is a question which her fans usually ask her when her […]

What is Nikita Dragun’s ethnicity?

A lot of fans have been questioning Nikita Dragun’s ethnicity for a very long time. They all are even getting a little more than curious as the beauty queen has been posting a lot of pictures and videos on her social media wearing too much tan.  And when you know that you are a social […]

Nikita Dragun Using Blackfishing Once Again?

Once again, fans are extremely disappointed with Nikita Dragun for using blackfishing to promote a certain brand through her discount code. As you all know our beauty influencer is known for her extreme makeovers. By makeovers I mean makeup looks. One day, we see her in a blinding white makeup foundation and the next day […]

Nikita Dragun Just Friendzoned Tony Lopez On His 21st Birthday

Do you guys need an introduction to Nikita Dragun and Tony Lopez? If you are into TikTok and YouTube, you won’t need it. We all know Nikita Dragun is a very dedicated makeup influencer and CEO of ‘Dragun Beauty’. And Tony Lopez is a TikTok influencer who is a part of the famous Hype House. […]

Are Nikita Dragun & Tony Lopez more than BFFs?

We all know how Nikita Dragun and Tony Lopez get heat from the social tabloids. There are a lot of dating rumors circulating on the internet which the duo denies all the time. Anyways, Tony has been teaching Nikita a lot of TikTok dance moves and she is getting pretty good at it. We don’t […]

Did Manny Mua Shade Nikita Dragun and James Charles?

The beauty community is currently in shambles on YouTube because of the Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star situation. Some makeup artists and influencers managed to get out of the drama such Nikita Dragun. Some even came out with more people on their side such as James Charles. But right now James and Nikita […]

The reason why Tony Lopez was under fire recently

Twenty-twenty seriously needs to calm down otherwise I am going to lose my mind. I am here yet again to share this news which has been bothering a lot of people. All the celebrity communities need to chill down a little and avoid getting themselves on the hate radar of fans. Well, a lot of […]