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How YouTubers Are Reacting to Netflix’s Hype House Reality Show

Few weeks ago, Netflix released Hype House, a reality show starring many YouTubers and TikTokers. While the show meant a lot for the people who featured in it, others do not think the same. After the show came out, many critics commented on how depressed these influencers seemed. At the same time, their fellow YouTubers […]

Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun hooked up?

Well! I guess we are all pretty much familiar with Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun. As they both have been staying in the spotlight since they stepped into the world of fame. But before we jump onto the actual topic, I would like to give you all a little insight into Harry & Nikita’s past. […]

Bryce Hall gets shut down by Nikita Dragun

Alright guys, so I am here once again to give you updates on Bryce Hall’s recent social media activities. But before we jump into the details. I would like to give you all a little gossip scoop from Bryce’s 22nd birthday. So we all have been seeing Bryce kissing random people for no good reason. […]