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Aaron Carter claims his exes use Backstreet Boys lyrics to taunt him

Aaron Carter recently broke up with his on-again off-again girlfriend Melanie Martin. Both of them started dating earlier this year. However, they have broke up so many times after that it’s hard to count it on your fingers. Honestly speaking, there was a time when almost the whole media stopped following updates of their relationships. […]

Aaron Carter Turns To OnlyFans Porn For Money?

Can we have a single day without Aaron Carter doing something? I am a fan of his music but his obsession with the internet has started getting on the nerves. At this point, we can only wonder: What Comes Next? Hooking up with Trisha Paytas after his breakup, then Jenna Shea, stealing art, demanding money […]

“I’m not a Carter”: Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter claims

Nick Carter, an American singer, and songwriter who got famous largely from the hit pop music band, The Backstreet Boys, has a revelation. And it’s an interesting one because Nick Carter, brother of Aaron Carter, claims they may not be Carters after all. Related: Lilly Singh Hanging Out With Backstreet Boys Nick Carter shares his […]

Aaron Carter Is Dating Instagram Model & Escort Jenna Shea

Aaron Carter, the amazing Pyro singer, is hitting the news section again. But this time, it is not about his feud with the famous brother Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys. In fact, when Trisha Paytas announced she is getting married to a public figure on November 1, 2019, many people believed she is marrying Aaron […]