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The Weeknd Deactivates Instagram Thanks To XO Fans

Okay, maybe it wasn’t entirely because of fans but we did annoy him quite a bit about the upcoming album. The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram account this week and it might be because he needed some space. Chapter VI is on its way, and the XO fam has been very impatiently waiting for it. It’s […]

The Weeknd Still Hasn’t Released The Damn Album

Yeah, I think we might as well give up by this point. He’s not going to listen. Since Dear Melancholy was released in March last year, no one has let The Weeknd catch his breath. I mean it’s been more than a year and we want new music, is that too much to ask? The […]

Raja Kumari, “Queen of Hindustan”, Releases New EP ‘Bloodline’

Svetha Rao, better known as Raja Kumari, has brought a new voice to the music industry with her rich Indian heritage and cultural flair. The young female rapper recently dropped her second EP, ‘Bloodline’. Known for collaborating with artists like Gwen Stefani and Iggy Azalea, Kumari is breaking boundaries in hip-hop/rap music.   The combination […]