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Natalie Becomes Muse For Toddy Smith’s Love Song Natalina

Everyone who knows David Dobrik, also knows Natalie Noel, his assistant. Natalie is not your typical assistant though. She is pretty, she has got the brains to run Dobrik’s life without getting him into much trouble. She also has the whole Vlog Squad after her. Why? Because she is single and Dobrik claims he had […]

David Dobrik Catches Todd With Assistant Natalie?

David Dobrik and his assistant + best friend + not-a-lover + not-a-girlfriend Natalie Noel are the real BFF goals. The famous YouTuber is always pulling pranks on her. But, we all know he adores her as well. That’s why he has not only gifted her a Mercedes in 2018, a Ford in 2019, and a […]