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The Dolan Twins Get Scammed In New Vlog And Shade Mr.Kate

Yes, guys, you heard me right. The Dolan Twins recently posted a Vlog on their Youtube channel in which they get scammed for almost $1,600. I mean this is what happens when two people share the same roof, but they don’t buy stuff for that particular roof together. So, both the Dolan Twins bought a […]

Mr. Kate reveals a big secret project

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic, the world is taking a big break from everything. Offices are shut down, social distancing is imposed, and some countries even have curfews. So, with all of this, businesses are suffering. More so, while most are recovering now, there are others that are still practicing Quarantine for the sake […]

Mr. Kate reveals Jason Nash house makeover

Mr. Kate or Kate Albrecht is a YouTuber who makes videos giving makeovers and doing renovations. Working alongside her longtime partner, Joey Zehr, the two move around in a caravan with their baby Moon making design dreams come true. Recently, she took on two big projects. Doing the spa/meditation room at Jeffree Star‘s new Mansion […]

Mr Kate’s latest project – Designs Vlog Squad

Imagine having a little baby while your job is literally to go around places to redesign and remake people’s homes. Mr. Kate sure does carry around a lot with her designing projects and her little boy, Moon. However, she does have help from her ever so loving life and business partner, Joey Zehr. Maybe, that […]