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Colleen Ballinger Apologizes for Racist Remarks

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is showing us it’s never too late to make up for past mistakes. No matter where you are in life and no matter how long ago your mistake was, you can always own up to it. And then apologise for your actions. Related: Did Colleen Ballinger take advantage of a minor, Adam […]

Did Colleen Ballinger take advantage of a minor, Adam McIntyre?

Recently, Colleen Ballinger was embroiled in multiple dramas at once. She recently apologized for her behavior in the latest video. First of them was her controversial video where she is saying racist things while donning her Miranda Sings character. Another one is where she is saying horrible body-shaming things about a lady that was sitting […]

Miranda Sings’s YouTube Quarantine Series

While the entire world economy collapses with the Coronavirus, our YouTubers are probably best off. They continue their jobs just as normal for all they need is a camera. And most of them have their shooting spaces and have offices set up in their homes anyway. Much like their pretty normal work a day lives. […]

Colleen Ballinger Opens Up about her Wedding to Erik Stocklin

YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger, better known as Miranda Sings married American actor, Erik Stocklin in 2018. However, unlike her very public first wedding to Joshua D. Evans, we know little to nothing about this one. Well, except for the fact that it happened while Colleen was pregnant with baby, Flynn. Although, in a Colleen’s Corner […]

Tan France Loved Colleen Ballinger in Broadway Musical ‘Waitress’

You know who’s the best support? Tan France. He’s so nice and polite, and that British accent is just *chef’s kiss*. Also, he has an impeccable dressing sense. He had a small make over series on Netflix ‘Dressing funny’, in which he did a makeover for Colleen Ballinger. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, […]