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Nikki Bella Was Raped Twice – Claims The Former Pro Wrestler

Former pro-wrestling superstar Nikki Bella claims that she was sexually assaulted twice as a teenager. She tells her story that the events led her to keep this a secret for many years before she finally spoke out. She revealed that not even her mom knew about these events until she finally wrote them down. The […]

Harvey Weinstein Hospitalized Again After Sentencing

The #MeToo Movement has taken Hollywood by a storm. Allegations of rape and harassment by some of Hollywood’s powerful names surfaced which caused a lot of destruction. And one of these powerful names was producer, Harvey Weinstein. Related: Harvey Weinstein Worse Than Ted Bundy? Nearly 80 women came forward with claims against Weinstein. Which led […]

Rose McGowan Slams Ben Affleck For Allegedly Covering Up Her Rape

Harvey Weinstein is not exempted from the burden and severity of his actions. In fact, he is now facing the consequences of sexually abusing hundreds of women. Many came out against him but a few took a bolder approach to serve him with a real punishment. One of these brave women is Oscar-winning actress Rose […]

MeToo Era | Role of Intimacy Coordinators in Movies & TV Shows

The media industry landscape has changed greatly since the advent of the #MeToo movement, which gained fuel and momentum after director Harvey Weinstein was accused by over 200 women of sexual misconduct. But the #MeToo movement is not merely a tool to help women speak up. It has spread like wildfire, brought about a change […]