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Why Keemstar & Ethan Klein are Feuding

Keemstar and Ethan Klein are once again making highlights in the YouTube industry. Some of you might know that both Keemstar and Ethan are involved in a very old feud. In which Keem reportedly lost half a million dollars in sponsorship with G-Fuel because of some false allegation made by Ethan. Later, Keem posts a […]

Joji nails it with Nectar Merchandise promotion

Joji is coming to the music streaming apps near you, and we are too excited for it. George Kusunoki Miller, who goes by the name of Joji, Pink Guy and Filthy Frank, has been keeping people entertained from many years. However, he discontinued his hilarious personalities and started focusing on his music career. Joji’s fans […]

Harry Styles fans go crazy over $7 candle that smells like him

We all know and love our celebrities. And we would literally spend most of our allowances on their merch and products. One Direction, the 2010s boy band has a whole brand called 1D World that sells their merch. It is a pretty good income. And while most fans have heard about the One Direction fragrances, […]

Daniel Howell Released Back to School Merch!

To all the Daniel Howell fans we know it’s hard. It seems like the Youtuber is again on a hiatus and school is starting while we lack our emotional support from Daniel Howell. However, worry not. Even if there’s no new content from the YouTuber, he’s released his back to school merch and you’re gonna […]