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The Vampire Diaries Cast Now in 2020

The Vampire Diaries was iconic! The hot vampires and werewolves, the crafty witches, travelers, Sybil, it was all such an adventure! The Vampire Diaries’ main cast put so much of their efforts into making the show come to life. The Gilberts, Salvatores, Forbes, Lockwoods, Bennets, and Matt Donovan gave us quite the run. The show […]

Real Life Bromance Between Ian Somerhalder And Matt Davis

Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis are co-stars from the CW Series The Vampire Diaries. Matt Davis played the role of Alaric Saltzman, a vampire slayer whereas Ian played the role of notorious Damon Salvatore. Both hated each other in the beginning of the series however their hatred later turned into on-screen bromance. Not to forget, […]