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Malu Trevejo increases OnlyF*ns price, scamming fans?

Malu Trevejo, a singer and Instagram personality, has recently turned 18. Before her 18th birthday, Malu opened up about her life struggles with her fans during a live stream. She claimed that her mother is an alcoholic and she keeps Malu around only for money. Malu also claimed that her mother emotionally abuses her. After […]

Malu Trevejo reveals her mom is an alcoholic who emotionally abuses her

TikTok star and popular singer Malu Trevejo recently revealed shocking facts about her life on her live-stream. Finally breaking down after years of dealing with it, Malu shares that her mother is actually an alcoholic that has emotionally hurt her multiple times. The live-stream clips were shared by YouTube commentator Def Noodles. Related: Malu Trevejo […]