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Is Bhad Bhabie & Malu Trevejo/Tana Mongeau exclusive collaboration happening?

It has happened as many people predicted/demanded from Bhad Bhabie. The cash me outside girl has joined the exclusive content creators’ platform OF today. While she just turned 18 recently, Bhabie had already announced her plans last month. She confirmed at that time that she will not be posting any explicit content/n*dity. However, after going […]

Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans leaked on reddit within a few hours

A few months back, Malu Trevejo joined the OnlyFans exclusive content creation platform right after turning 18. Since there is no more beef between Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) and Malu Trevejo, fans started demanding Bhabie to join OF as soon as she would turn 18. At the time of their demand, she was underage. However, […]

Ryan García’s Partner, Drea Celina, doesn’t hate Malu Trevejo

Ryan García’s partner and who we thought was his fiancée, just came out and spoke about the cheating scandal again. Ryan was caught kissing popular TikTok star and singer, Malu Trevejo. Malu, later on, revealed that Ryan didn’t tell her about his relationship with his fiancée, Drea Celina. Meanwhile, Ryan emphasized that Drea was not […]

Fans calls out Malu Trevejo for photoshopping her “peach”

In a surprising turn of events, Malu Trevejo is facing backlash for reasons other than “misleading” OnlyFans posts. The Instagram model and singer is still sharing her thoughts on the whole Ryan García drama. However, that’s a separate issue. For now, she is facing backlash on “failed Photoshop” attempt of making her peach look rounder […]

After Malu Trevejo, fans want Bhad Bhabie (17-yr-old) to join OnlyFans

There is no beef between Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie anymore. The two Instagram stars and singers had a long-running beef till December 2019. It was the time when Danielle Bregoli showed up outside Malu’s house and threatened her. However, there was no physical fight. Malu called out their fans for trying to put two […]

Malu Trevejo shades her mother joining O-lyF*ns

Malu Trevejo is still facing multiple controversies even after moving out of her house. The famous Instagram personality, singer, and TikToker, Malu had issues with her mother when they were living together. Malu claimed that her mother stole from her, made her an addict of we*d, and also abused her. After moving out of her […]

Malu Trevejo Caught “Stalking” Ryan García!

The influencer world was shaken by Malu Trevejo and Ryan García’s kissing scandal. Ryan and Malu were at dinner together and while they were leaving, they kissed each other. The moment soon turned to be quite scandalous as Ryan’s fiancée, Drea Celina, spoke out on the matter. She said that they were expecting a baby […]

Malu Trevejo charging her fans for “imagining” her nak*d

Malu Trevejo has been facing multiple backlashes since the day she turned 18. The Instagram model threw a massive birthday party amidst pandemic, and got cancelled for it. She also joined OnlyF*ns right after turning 18. And fans are still unhappy with the content she is posting there. Twitter and Reddit are filled with threads […]

Malu Trevejo’s mother is apparently joining OnlyF*ns with $50 rate?

When the famous Instagram model and singer, Malu Trevejo, turned 18 and joined OF, many fans ‘secretly’ started hoping her mother would join the exclusive site as well. Malu had been doing Instagram live streams with her mother for quite a while. However, she was not happy living with her mother. Malu did not just […]