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Piers Morgan calls Gal Gadot, Madonna ‘Cov-idiots’

Piers Morgan is certainly no stranger to controversial remarks. From identifying as a ‘penguin‘ to referencing Chinese milk as ‘ching chong’  milk, Morgan is in hot waters again. But this time around, it’s because of a Top 20 Cov-idiots list which he posted on the Daily Mail. He rightfully begins the article by saying that […]

The Sopranos Star & Mr. Mooney of YOU Dies Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is literally getting on our nerves by this point now. Everyone is locked at home. While we always wanted to stay at home and work as per our own will. We never wanted it to happen this way. COVID-19 is causing deaths on a daily basis. No one is actually safe from it unless […]

Madonna’s New Album Madam X Includes ‘Medellin’ With Maluma

This Monday, April 15, Madonna announces on  social media that her new collaboration with Maluma will be titled “Medellin” which will be a part of her upcoming album Madam X. Madonna’s Single With Maluma The hot pop star has been teasing her upcoming fourteenth studio album for months. Finally, the cat is out of the […]