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Liza Koshy shares sister Olivia is married

For the last few days, our little brown girl, Liza from Liza on Demand was a bit MIA on social media. During this time, as fans around the world wondered where she was especially since her new movie Work It is receiving quite the attention. In her Instagram story this week, she explains the reason […]

Ashley Graham Interviews Liza Koshy On PBD

Ashley Graham is one boss b*tch who has taken the modelling world by storm. Being the first plus size model, she didn’t let anything stop her from conquering it all. But that’s not all. She recently started her own podcast show called Pretty Big Deal. That’s where the most brilliant, inspiring and honest guests come […]

Liza Koshy Is In Relationship With Anthony Ramos

As soon as Liza Koshy dropped her latest vlog, I’m in relationship, many people got confused, excited and hurt at the same time. Though the 2nd half of the video does mention Behind The Scenes With Anthony Ramos. But, it did sound like “going official” news for a second. Too bad I didn’t see the […]

Liza Koshy features in Music Video with Anthony Ramos

Liza Koshy is up and at it. She’s working on her new Quibi Dance show and being her little brown girl self. Liza is a mighty impressive person with her talent and knack for the camera and spotlights. Her newest venture According to Anthony Ramos, the American singer, she’s one of the few people he […]

David Dobrik Is In Love With Liza Koshy’s Halloween Costumes

David Dobrik and Liza Koshy used to date back in the days. They were really in a “legit couple goals” kind of relationship. However, things took a bad turn and both ended up calling it quits. However, both David Dobrik and Liza Koshy confirmed that they will still remain friends. In fact, Liza appeared in […]

Why Will Smith Fired Liza Koshy From Gemini Man

Will Smith’s latest project Gemini Man is releasing in theaters today on October 11, 2019. It is an action-thriller film based on a hitman who is targeted by – Surprise – a younger clone of himself. Gemini Man is one of those rare movies which faced development hell. It took them 20 years to finalize […]

Puke Warning! Ew! David Dobrik Gets Pissed On By A Lion

David Dobrik, the famous YouTuber who keeps gifting luxury cars to his best friends, has pulled many pranks on many people. His pranks know no boundaries. That is why Trisha Paytas and other ex-Vlog Squad members blame him (and Jason Nash) for leaving the squad. Because apparently, their jokes are too much for the other […]