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Liam Payne Fans react to Engagement News

Millions of One Direction fans are going through mixed emotions as Daddy Direction sets to marry girlfriend Maya Henry. Last week, Liam Payne of One Direction surfaced the internet trends with pictures of his girlfriend wearing a huge diamond. This sparked rumors that were confirmed early this week. Yes, Liam Payne, 1/4 of One Direction, […]

Liam Payne says One Direction Members sent cute Birthday Wishes

Liam Payne or better known as Daddy Direction from One Direction is now 27. His birthday, on the 29th of August, was an amazing day for him as he shared during his interview on Good Morning America. The Strip That Down singer sang his latest single, Midnight on the show. He was then asked about […]

Liam Payne confirms he is engaged to Maya Henry!

Last week, rumors spread after Liam Payne was spotted walking next to girlfriend Maya Henry with a big diamond on her finger. Not just any finger, the special one. The couple was walking out of what looked like a birthday dinner for the One Direction member. Read others: Liam Payne Makes Gordon Ramsay Inspired Scrambled […]

One Direction Fans cancel iHeartRadio on Twitter

One Direction Fans have surely shown over the last two days that even though the band may not be active right now, they are still a force to reckon. Just as every year, on the 23rd of July Directioners from around the world await the band’s features across the internet. The iHeartRadio had a countdown […]

One Direction Fans Heartbroken after delayed Reunion!

After talking a couple of times about how there are talks of a reunion, and all those months of Liam Payne ‘spilling’, he said on the morning of their anniversary that it will happen eventually. All in all, the entire anniversary day was a bit of a let down for one direction fans around the […]

One Direction fans break the Internet – Happy 1D Day!

For the last 10 years, the 23rd of July is a day celebrated by fans of the British-Irish Boy Band One Direction as their anniversary. And while the day usually brings a lot of excitement and a rush of emotions, this year, all of it is over the moon. The boy band, now a man […]

One Direction reacts to George Floyd’s death

The tragedy of George Floyd’s death is not one any of us getting over any time soon. The reality of how brutal our world is, is set right in with incidents like this. However, the way people have reacted to the situations, especially with a pandemic going on, is remarkable. A great cause of the […]