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Kaitlynn Carter Reveals Details About Miley Cyrus Breakup

Miley Cyrus has been known to do all sorts of crazy things. After her split with long time beau, Liam Hemsworth, the media didn’t leave her alone. But it wasn’t just the breakup that caused her to remain in the headlines. It also had something to do with a certain Kaitlynn Carter. Related: Liam Hemsworth […]

Chris Hemsworth Addresses Liam-Miley Breakup

The Hemsworth brothers are pretty popular in Hollywood. But besides being good actors, the brothers have each other’s back. Chris Hemsworth proved that as he appeared to address his brother, Liam Hemsworth’s divorce with singer, Miley Cyrus. Related: Chris Hemsworth Extraction Movie Trailer Is Out With A Bang! Chris Hemsworth’s New Interview managed to […]

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus hot Easter look got people salivating over them

Liam Hemsworth, who is no less hotter than his brother Chris Hemsworth, wished all of his fans a Happy Easter this Sunday. However, this year, Easter celebrations were different as compared to the celebrations we did throughout our whole life. Everyone is in quarantine, and people celebrated Resurrection Sunday in their homes. Many wanted to […]

Liam Hemsworth Rebuilding Life After Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth’s relationship with singer and actor Miley Cryus has been subjected to many headlines. And if you’ve never heard of the couple, then it’s quite a roller coaster ride for you. Related: Liam Hemsworth’s New Romance Is Going Strong However, I’ll try to summarise their relationship as best I can. Liam Hemsworth and Miley […]

Liam Hemsworth’s New Romance Is Going Strong

Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor mostly known for his roles in The Hunger Games and The Last Song. He has dated his The Last Song co-star Miley Cyrus and even married her in 2018. However, the marriage only lasted 7 months. Miley Cyrus moved on and started dating longtime friend Cody Simpson. The public […]

Is Lindsay Lohan Flirting With Liam Hemsworth? Actress Says No

Lindsay Lohan clears any speculation that the actress was flirting with Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. Lohan was commenting on the star’s Instagram photos of Time’s Square New Year’s Eve. Many thought that this is going to be the start of something new for both. Unfortunately, it is only Cyrus who has seemingly completely moved […]

Liam Hemsworth Is Happy With Gabriella Brooks After Miley Cyrus

It looks like we really have to close the relationship and gossip saga of Cyrus-Hemsworth. This is because of sources that are reporting how happy Liam Hemsworth is by being with Gabriella Brooks. Now that his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus, is also busy Cody Simpson, perhaps it is time to move on to their next chapter […]