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Jessica Yaniv | A Pedophile Pretending to be a Trans?

This may be disturbing for some of you, but trans-activist Jessica Yaniv is allegedly a trans pedophile. The shocking revelation was made by Blaire White, an American You-Tuber and political commentator in her recent video, Exposing Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator. “Now this person is one of the most twisted, abhorrent, dangerous individuals and is such […]

Blaire White | Trans Accused of Transphobia Shuts Down Haters

Blaire White is a popular YouTuber and trans activist. She rose to popularity for being a Trump supporter. Though, now isn’t a conservative anymore and deems herself a ‘Republican with liberal beliefs’. Though, she always champions trans rights and has very strong opinions. Due to her being open and unfiltered, people often call her transphobic. […]

Trisha Paytas Apologizes After Receiving Hatred From LGBTQ+ Community

Trisha Paytas came out as transgender yesterday and she faced a huge backlash not just from the LGBTQ+ community, but also from the supporters. Many people called her disrespectful. However, the Canadian Youtuber Gigi Gorgeous took the step to show her support to Trisha Paytas. Even though she does not agree with some of Trisha’s […]

What Lauv Had To Say When People Guessed His Sexuality

The internet is quite a tricky place because virtually everyone is free to voice their own opinions on something. Sometimes, opinions can be a good thing. But at most times, they can be unwanted for instance in this case. People are assuming Lauv’s sexuality. Some believe that he is gay. Related: Lauv & Lany’s Paul […]