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Elijah Daniel is pitching LGBT animated comedy to Adult Swim

Elijah Daniel, the OG LGBT activist and a singer who goes by the name of Lil Phag, has been helping out many in need during the current coronavirus pandemic. He is also known to stir drama whenever Tana Mongeau is involved in something. However, this time, he is focusing more on showing the Good Cop […]

NikkieTutorials YouTube Subscribers Spiked Up After Coming Out Video

Nikkie de Jager is a famous beauty vlogger and Dutch makeup artist. She is running her YouTube channel and social media handles by the name of NikkieTutorials. Nikkie is globally famous for her makeup tutorials, makeover collaborations as well as her “Power of Makeup” series. She has also collaborated with Ofra, Too Faced and Maybelline. […]

Trisha Paytas Faces Backlash As She Pretends To Be Transgender

Trisha Paytas is trending on Twitter and we were surprised to find her trending. Not because she was trending for the first time, but because all the posts appearing were kind-of anti-Trisha Paytas. So, I tried digging in and found out there is a new video by Trisha Paytas on YouTube. Now that’s a video […]

A 24-Year Old YouTuber Julia Zelg Married Her 61-Year Old Girlfriend

Very few people find their true match through Tinder. But apparently, Julia Zelg, a 24-Year old YouTuber, was one of the rare lucky ladies. Julia Zelg met 61-Year old Eileen De Freest through Tinder and the love between them blossomed so much that they are finally married. The Bond Between Julia Zelg & Eileen De […]