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You can be in Lauv’s Modern Loneliness Music Video

Lauv released his debut album, ‘How I’m Feeling’ on March 6th. If you guys haven’t already heard it, the album has 21 tracks. Out of which, all 21 bring a new take to emotions in the 21st century. In January, while talking to MTV News, he told them that he got the name of the […]

Lauv Collaborates With Rochak Kohli For Bollywood Movie

Don’t you just ‘Lauv’ some good music and beats? Yes, I am referring to American singer and song-writer, Ari Straprans Leff, professionally known as Lauv. I have jammed countless times to his catchy “I like me better when I’m with you”. Even his recent music collab with LANY called ‘Mean It’ was amazing. Well, we […]

Lauv & Lany’s Paul Klein Dating?!

Lauv recently announced that he’s doing a music collaboration with the band Lany. Any true Lauv fan would know that the singer knows how to promote each of his songs well. With a series of Instagram posts, he often teases the new song using pictures and sometimes clips. Related: Lauv Collaborates With Rochak Kohli For […]

Celebrities Are Sharing Phone Numbers So You Can Text Them

Recently, there has been a new trend occurring. Perhaps, it’s no trend but just a random coincidence that random celebrities are sharing their phone numbers so fans can text them. As of now, about 6 celebrities have shared their phone numbers to get more connected with their followers and fans. Each one did so for […]

Lauv’s New Song ‘Feelings’ Is About Unrequited Love

Lauv has been on a roll recently. He’s been churning out successful songs nonstop it seems. Ever since he teased on Instagram that more music was coming, he has not disappointed. We ended up getting Drugs and the Internet, Fuck I’m Lonely and now Feelings. The singer has a talent of writing songs that are […]

What Lauv Had To Say When People Guessed His Sexuality

The internet is quite a tricky place because virtually everyone is free to voice their own opinions on something. Sometimes, opinions can be a good thing. But at most times, they can be unwanted for instance in this case. People are assuming Lauv’s sexuality. Some believe that he is gay. Related: Lauv & Lany’s Paul […]

Lauv & BTS Finally Met: Iconic Moment of Music Industry

An iconic moment has happened in music history, the popular Kpop band BTS and Lauv have finally met. And yes, the internet has lost it. BTS is a wildly popular band originating in South Korea. Slowly, thanks to the internet, BTS has garnered a huge fan base around the world due to their unique positive […]