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Laura Dern TikToks With Her Daughter & becomes Instagram Pro

Laura Dern is among those celebrities who are spreading awareness about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic through social media. During this crucial time, we should all stick together and spread positivity. A happy snap, a dancing video, and a few yummy recipes can give a lot of hope to others. And this is what the super […]

F is for family season 4 episode list Is here!

All the fans of F is for Family are left with a void in their lives ever since season 3 ended. There has been no F is for Family season 4 release date, no trailer, no teaser, and no teaser trailer! I mean, we only have some sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes. That’s pretty much […]

Oscars 2020 | Predictions for Best Supporting Actress

It’s all going to come to an end soon—and so we face our final bout of Oscar predictions 2020. On Sunday, February 9, the Academy Award season will draw to a close, announcing a new round of winners. While many of those victors seem preordained—it would take an act of God for the four acting […]

F is for Family season 4 release date is in March or April 2020

F is for Family season 4 release date is something that we have all been wondering ever since the third season ended. Admit it or not, there is something captivating about Frank Murphy’s unique bitter approach to life. He’s presented as an antihero but you end up rooting for him. It’s easy to forgive him […]

Jennifer Aniston & Laura Dern’s Shocking Connection to Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston and Laura Dern both won the Screen Actors Guild(SAG) Awards. But there’s another thing common between the two. Most of you might not know this but Angelina Jolie is the commonality between Friends’ Rachel Green and Marriage Story’s Nora Fanshaw. Related: Angelina Jolie Warned Johnny Depp Not To Marry Amber Heard? What is […]

Laura Dern Claims She Sighted Baby Yoda At A Basketball Game!

When Baby Yoda first appeared in the Star Wars spin-off show “The Mandalorian”, we were in tears. Looking at the cute little muppet made us think about how we used to be, lovingly stupid and full of innocence. Then, the internet took over and showered us with memes and crossovers. Ladies and gentlemen, we are […]