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Mike Majlak says he is not the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby

I and millions of people know that Mike Majlak never talks like a grown-up person. But to our utter surprise, he actually did. And he just congratulated his ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades on getting pregnant. As expected, Mike appeared in the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE and addressed all the rumors regarding Lana Rhoades’s latest announcement on […]

Lana Rhoades is 7 weeks and 5 days into her pregnancy

Alright guys, take a deep breath, hold a bucket of popcorns and sit tight because the drama between Lana Rhoades and her ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak just escalated. Some of you might not be aware of the fact that three weeks ago these celebrities were having a rip-roaring banter on their social media. The supermodel posted […]

Lana Rhoades Pregnant With Mike Majlak’s Baby?

Well, Lana Rhoades surely knows how to stay in the spotlight. As she just shared the news of her pregnancy in a very unexpected way. Now before we go into details about Lana Rhoades being pregnant or whose baby she is carrying. We need to shed some light on the supermodel’s past/recent relationships. So we […]

Tana Mongeau, Lana Rhoades, and Harry Jowsey want to have a three-w*y?

So I was just going through my TikTok feed and found something weirdly interesting for you guys. Yes, it definitely has to do something with Jake Paul’s ex-wife/girlfriend Tana Mongeau, and Mike Majlak’s ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades. These two did an OF collaboration back in October 2020 which was loved by their fans. Now you guys […]

Lana Rhoades Shades Jake Paul With Dillon Danis?

Well, we never thought this day would come when Playboy model and former adult content creator Lana Rhoades will be shading YouTuber Jake Paul with his potential rival Dillon Danis. I mean that’s a little too much. Because we all know that Lana is on good terms with her ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak and his squad […]

Mike Majlak earned $13,535 from breakup video with Lana Rhoades

Some of you might not know what went down between Mike Majlak and his girlfriend Lana Rhoades. They were one of the hottest couples on social media. And also had a crazy amount of followers on their ‘Night Shift’ show on YouTube. But then things started going down the hill in the first week of […]

Mike Majlak announces breakup with girlfriend Lana Rhoades

We never thought this day would come when Mike Majlak would be announcing his breakup with girlfriend Lana Rhoades. We all loved seeing these love birds together in The Night Shift. A lot of fans were thinking that Mike’s latest Vlog ‘we broke up’ is a clickbait title to garner some extra attention from the […]