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KSI and Austin McBroom boxing match may happen!

After beating Bryce Hall in the TikTokers vs. YouTubers fight, Austin McBroom verbally agreed to meet KSI in the ring in the Battle of the Platform 2. After the fight, McBroom had this to say about his opponent in the ring: A lot of people want to keep having me talk sh*t about Bryce Hall, […]

Bryce Hall won’t be fighting with KSI in the ring anymore?

After losing to Austin McBroom in the YouTubers vs. TikTokers fight, looks like Bryce Hall won’t be fighting with KSI anymore. Previously, it was hinted that they might have a match of their own. Bryce Hall is one of the famous TikTokers right now. He is also the ex-boyfriend of He’s All That star Addison […]

KSI’s Brutal Reaction to Bryce Hall’s TikToks

KSI and Bryce Hall are beefing since they agreed to a fight as long as the TikToker beats Austin McBroom in the upcoming match. On the other hand, the famous YouTuber, KSI, has defeated Joe Weller before throwing down with rival Logan Paul twice and become the victor of their grudge in 2019. Since then, […]

Logan Paul hints at a collaboration with KSI!

KSI and Logan Paul have been rivals for many years but despite their rivalry, it seems like KSI and Logan Paul might be collaborating soon. It is still unclear that whether the famous YouTubers Logan and KSI are on friendly terms or not given that KSI shared he would be the one to knock Paul […]

YouTubers Mr.Beast and KSI invest in new social network Xcad

Yep. It is true. Mr. Beast and KSI invested in a new social network. Xcad is a network that focuses on YouTube content mainly. This platform is for creators and their fans as well. The YouTube-focused social media economy announced that they secured prominent investment from famous YouTubers like Mr. Beast and KSI. KSI is […]

Jake Paul stole Elijah Daniel’s beats for ‘Fresh Outta London’?

Elijah Daniel, one of the rare influencers who are following COVID-19 SOPs, has been calling out many influencers these days. His own friend Tana Mongeau has recently attended multiple house parties before she was directly called out by Elijah on Twitter. Following which, Tana apologized in an Instagram Story. Elijah also called out Jake Paul […]

Logan Paul vs KSI 2 Turned into Vitaly vs Bradley Martyn

This Sunday, the Staples Centre hosted the much anticipated Logan Paul vs KSI re-match. The much-hyped event was promoted by Eddie Hearn. The likes of Justin Bieber were also present in Logan’s corner, alongside Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau. Youtube stars. Vitaly VitalyzdTV and Bradley Martyn were also present at the event. The two got […]