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American Idol Finale Was Bittersweet For Judge Katy Perry

Quarantine might have restricted us to our homes, but that does not mean the entertainment business will stop completely. However, the new policies due to which the latest television shows are coming are quite unusual from how they were before. No crowd, no audience, just the hosts and contestants. In a similar case, American Idol […]

These Celebrity Couple face swaps are shockingly hilarious!

Hollywood is all about that glam. Celebrities are always dressed to impress and inspire. Some of our most beautiful couples from the world of glam seem flawless. Their faces are made up to porcelain perfection. Their appearances are always stunning. However, have you ever wondered how your favorite stars would look if they had the […]

Orlando Bloom Posts A Blooming Picture Of Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom and Katy Power are the perfect power couple these days. With the release of her new song ‘Never Worn White’, Katy revealed her pregnancy to the world. The couple is also planning a wedding in Japan next. For now, their baby is blooming and they are sharing these special moments with their fans. […]

Katy Perry Opens Up About Mental Health Issues And Depression

Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) is one famous American bombshell celebrity. Moreover, critics call her a “full-on fantasy”. Besides a melodious voice; the fashion icon is also popular for her vibrant, yet humorous displays. Katy, the queen of quirk, has even introduced food-related themes in the fashion world. Something no other celebrity has done to […]