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Wellness Company Modern Nirvana Will Host Zoom Meetings

In an increasingly divided world, many are striving for peace and connection. The popular and beloved actress, Kat Graham, set out on the same mission. And luckily, she wants to spread that peace with her fans and the whole world. Teaming up with journalist Frank Elaridi and yogi Bryant Wood, Kat Graham wants to help […]

Kat Graham inspires many with her Pride Speech!

The Vampire Diaries ever so inspiring Salem Witch, Bonnie Bennet, is surely no less selfless off the screens. Kat Graham is a popular advocate for the right of all human beings. Her work as a United Nations Ambassador and humanitarian is so amazing. She took an active part in the recent Black Lives Matter protests […]

Kat Graham shares old PSA from Black Lives Matter

Public Service Announcements are one of the more conventional and most effective ways of raising awareness towards matters in the general public. Around two years ago, Kat Graham met J. Walter Thompson’s Chief Creative Director Vann Graves. They met on a plane ride. The two put their heads together as Graves suggested an idea he […]

Kat Graham is creating her own Exclusive Fan Club!

Kat Graham is quite generous when it comes to her fans. We love her for everything she does. And in these tough times, we know we can rely on humble celebrities like Kat to keep us afloat. The Vampire Diaries Witch is as selfless in real life as she was as Bonnie Bennet. And we […]

Kat Graham Does live chats with fans every Friday!

Are you a hardcore Bonnie Bennet fan? Well, if you are, Quarantine might be the best thing happened to you. Kat Graham is doing live chats with her fans once a week from all around the world. Also, she only picks 10 fans at a time so she can give her attention and time to […]

Vampire Diaries Kat Graham Attends Dior Fashion Show

The former Vampire Diaries cast has taken their lives a step forward after the show ended. Ian Somerhalder furthered in his acting. Paul Wesley started his directing firm. Kat Graham has been appearing in several shows, movies, and modeling campaigns. The woman is so savvy and her confidence is definitely a good look on her. […]

The Vampire Diaries Cast Now in 2020

The Vampire Diaries was iconic! The hot vampires and werewolves, the crafty witches, travelers, Sybil, it was all such an adventure! The Vampire Diaries’ main cast put so much of their efforts into making the show come to life. The Gilberts, Salvatores, Forbes, Lockwoods, Bennets, and Matt Donovan gave us quite the run. The show […]