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Kanye West May Have Shaded Taylor Swift in Twitter Rant

Everyone is well aware of Taylor Swift’s feud with the couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It all started way back but it fueled into something more when Kanye released a song ‘Famous’ which contained a fake Taylor Swift and some very real and offensive lines towards Taylor Swift. The feud got messy, to say […]

Inside the Larsa Pippen and Tristan Thompson Affair Rumors Drama

There’s currently some drama happening with Larsa Pippen and the Kardashians. Well, it’s not as messy as the drama with Jordyn Woods. That’s because no one is bashing anyone. It all started when Kanye West went on a Twitter rant and deleted this one tweet “Larsa”. Which people speculated and then came to some crazy […]

Taylor Swift fans react to Kanye West’s Presidential run

This 4th of July, Kanye West did not just celebrate Independence Day. He has taken the “independency” to a whole new level by declaring that he’d be running for President this year. Yes, this year, as in just after 4 months. The 2020 US Presidential elections are already happening at a time when all the […]

John Legend Reveals Where He Stands With Kanye West

John Legend and Kanye West have had quite a wild ride. Related: Chrissy Teigen vs John Legend | Who’s Better At Quarantine Working on collaborations and being close enough friends that John performed at the Kimye Wedding in 2014 wasn’t enough. When in 2018, Kanye West expressed his support to then candidate, Donald Trump. John […]

These Celebrity Couple face swaps are shockingly hilarious!

Hollywood is all about that glam. Celebrities are always dressed to impress and inspire. Some of our most beautiful couples from the world of glam seem flawless. Their faces are made up to porcelain perfection. Their appearances are always stunning. However, have you ever wondered how your favorite stars would look if they had the […]

Why Kanye West is voting for Donald Trump?

Most of Hollywood’s celebrities are supporting the Democrats. DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Mark Hamill, Rita Wilson, and many others are supporting Biden. Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, and Cole Sprouse supported Bernie Sanders. Despite Hollywood being overwhelmingly Democrat, Kanye West is still going to vote for Trump in 2020. He recently talked about his experience as […]