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Josie Canseco Had To Fake All Her Org*sms With Bryce Hall

Oh well!! I don’t even know from where I should start. As you all know that fans wanted “THE ROAST OF BRYCE HALL” to drop ASAP. Because they all were getting exhausted for waiting this long for such an epic roast, and that too of a very controversial personality. Now before we go any further, […]

Addison Rae And Logan Paul Address Dating Rumors

I guess by now we all know what went down between Addison Rae and Bryce Hall. Their relationship started in October 2019. And since then it has been going through a bumpy ride. Addison and Bryce’s on and off-going relationship made a lot of fans really sad because they loved their chemistry and wanted to […]

Addison Rae Cozying Up With Logan Paul After Breakup with Bryce Hall

We never thought this day would come when Addison Rae would be parting ways with boyfriend Bryce Hall. These two love birds not only looked good together on the screen. But they also had very amazing chemistry in real life. Long story short, Addison and Bryce’s relationship has been going through a bumpy ride since […]

Logan Paul finds girlfriend Josie Canseco’s fetishes weird

So once again Logan Paul talks about Josie Canseco and her weird fetishes in the latest Impaulsive podcast. I am kind of confused because a couple of months ago Logan mentioned how Josie likes to touch his as*hole. And now he just shared that Josie loves the pattern of his farts. Umm, we really wanted […]

Logan Paul and Josie Canseco back together after rumored breakup

So, it’s been a week since things supposedly went bad between Logan Paul and his girlfriend Josie Canseco. Though there were a lot of rumors surfacing on social media regarding this couple’s rumored breakup. But the reason is still unknown to their fans or social media outlets. Some of you might not know that Logan […]