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Drake Bell Says Josh Peck Hated Drake & Josh

The famous Nickelodeon sitcom “Drake & Josh” made almost everyone’s childhood memorable. It’s always refreshing to see childhood stars linking up when they become adults. However, such has not been the case for Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The stars of “Drake & Josh” have been in a constant feud for a while despite efforts […]

Josh Peck Is Not Friends With Drake Bell Anymore

Remember our childhood besties, Drake & Josh? Well, the versus exist between them now and they are not quite friends anymore. Their feud apparently started from a wedding invitation. In 2017, Josh Peck, the actor of the famous Nickelodeon sitcom, got married to Paige O’Brien. The issue stemmed from Josh not inviting Drake to his […]

Josh Peck Inspires Bad Bunny’s Video Drag Queen?

If you’re a 90’s or early 2000s kid, you probably were all for the Disney and Nickelodeon original shows at the time. I mean, who can forget the classics like Hannah Montana or Drake and Josh? Speaking of Drake and Josh, how hot is Josh Peck now! He has gone from the fat chubby kid […]