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Aaron Paul is Batman for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker!?

Does anyone remember that Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul being considered for the role of Batman? Me neither! But apparently, it did happen a year ago. Paul was to star alongside Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. We all know the Batman in the other DC timeline is being played by Robert Pattinson, hopeful news for some after many […]

Birds of Prey Movie Plot holes – Cinema Sins words them

This year, before the pandemic hit us with full force, we actually got a sweet start. Harley Quinn, the well-known girlfriend to Batman’s Joker, got her own movie. Finally? The Birds of Prey movie was literally The Emancipation of Harley. She is now a single woman but her recent experience does not bring back her […]

Joaquin Phoenix And Robert De Niro Had A Feud In Joker Rehearsals?

Director Todd Phillips surely came up with a work of art when he released his award-winning movie Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. While what we got to see was some exhilarating plot, perhaps what happened behind-the-scenes was not something as exciting. Reports suggest that the star of the show had a clash with Robert De Niro […]

Robert Pattinson’s Batman Costume Reveal

Matt Reeves finally gives DC fans the teaser they had been waiting for. When the Twilight star was announced to play the next incarnation of Batman, it came as a huge surprise. Even his own fans said that he might not be able to portray the brooding Dark Knight perfectly. However, this first look shows […]

Joker Sequel Is Not A Good Idea According To A Joker Star Zazie Beetz

Todd Phillip really made a masterpiece when he finished working on last year’s Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. Since its debut, the film has taken home several awards, including a couple of this year’s Oscars 2020. In fact, Phoenix won the award for the Best Actor at the Academy Awards, while the movie enjoyed nominations in […]