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Pedophile Jessica Yaniv Twitter Account Banned

Pedophile Jessica Yaniv has finally gone to jail and her Twitter account has been banned as well. This is certainly a piece of good news in these dark times. Jessica was previously posing as a transgender woman who has, on many times, sent inappropriate messages to underage girls. After being arrested, now comes the news […]

Jessica Yaniv Trans Predator Arrested

The news of Jessica Yaniv arrested is everywhere, and it is true. Yes, the ‘apparent’ transgender was exposed as a predator multiple times by activist Blaire White. He was also exposed as a pedophile by White. Yaniv was also constantly appearing in the news for creating a scene in public spaces. Well, news has it […]

Child Predator Jessica Yaniv Exposed by Blaire White Again

Not long ago, Blaire White revealed some shocking facts and details about Jessica Yaniv. Yaniv, who is apparently a transgender activist was exposed by White as a predatory pedophile. She even shared some messages sent by Yaniv to minors and told people to watch out. She is back with another video to reiterate the case. […]

Jessica Yaniv | A Pedophile Pretending to be a Trans?

This may be disturbing for some of you, but trans-activist Jessica Yaniv is allegedly a trans pedophile. The shocking revelation was made by Blaire White, an American You-Tuber and political commentator in her recent video, Exposing Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator. “Now this person is one of the most twisted, abhorrent, dangerous individuals and is such […]