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Danielle Cohn accidentally revealed her real age

Just when we all thought there will be a break in the controversies revolving around Danielle Cohn, there comes another one. Danielle is one of the youngest TikTok stars and internet personalities. Her age has always been an issue because of the different statements provided by her parents. Danielle lives with her mother Jennifer Archambault […]

Ethan Fair confirms he will not expose Danielle Cohn & “the lies”

Danielle Cohn has been making the headline for a few days now. The famous TikToker with most controversial age, Dani, confirmed her ab*rtion rumors recently. Before that, many people have been calling her out to state the truth publicly. There have been hints of the ab*rtion in her TikToks and the tattoo she got in […]

Danielle Cohn’s situation & her mother’s alleged exposé is getting messier

Since the day Danielle Cohn, a TikToker and singer, came up clean about her abortion rumors, people have been wondering who leaked her private conversation. A quick recap, someone leaked Danielle and her mother Jennifer Archambault’s private conversation about her abortion. The voices were recognizable so there was no problem putting two and two together. […]

Danielle Cohn’s mother responds to the allegations & leaked conversation

Even at such a young age, the famous content creator Danielle Cohn has been a part of many controversies. People keep questioning about her age, her relationship with her parents and her boyfriends. Some even speculated that Danielle went through an ab*rtion earlier this year, in January 2020. Danielle confirmed she had a medical procedure. […]