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Celina Powell claims Andre Marhold planned to blackmail Jeffree Star

So I was just scrolling through my Twitter account and came across this post from Def Noodles in which Celine Powell just exposed Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend. And no, this ex-boyfriend is definitely not Nathan Schwandt or Jozea Rose but instead it’s the ex-basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’. I want to scream at the top of my […]

Jeffree Star’s Ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt Misses ‘Daddy’

No one needs an introduction to Jeffree Star’s long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Though they both called it quits at the beginning of 2020. But Nathan is always going to stay in the good books of all J-Star fans for being a very decent and reasonable partner. We all know that Nathan didn’t like the spotlight […]