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Jeffree Star Reveals Beauty Killer 2 Palette and Collection

So, Jeffree Star’s iconic Beauty Killer palette has officially been taken off the shelves! R.I.P Beauty Killer. Now, this palette was the very first launch for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. And it launched in 2009. However, it’s time to make way for its new edition. And last Sunday, Jeffree Star officially announced the launch of Beauty […]

Jeffree Star Pink Religion Collection Review

Youtuber Jeffree Star took to Twitter and Instagram to announce the launch of his new collection, Pink Religion. The collection was revealed on Friday, July 23rd, 2021. A week ago Jeffree introduced his whole Pink Religion Collection. With 1.6 million views on YouTube, this video describes all the products in this collection. I understand the […]

Jeffree Star distancing himself from the beauty community

The famous YouTube MUA Jeffree Star revealed that he does not really engage in the beauty world anymore. The beauty mogul said that he wants people to see his growth. If you have heard of Jeffree Star, you must know that he has gained a lot of fame because of his makeup skills. He started […]