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Jeffree Star spills details of his breakup with Andre Marhold

OMG guys, this sh*t is about to get real. Because Jeffree Star just took to his social media and shared that he has been played by his new beau Andre Marhold. And I am like wait, what? Def Noodles, the satirical news commentator, broke this news on Twitter like an hour ago. And after that, […]

Jeffree Star reunites with boyfriend Andre Marhold

Some of us are aware of everything happening between the beauty mogul Jeffree Star and basketball player Andre Marhold. A couple of days ago Jeffree shared a picture on his social media which created chaos. Though the guy’s face was completely hidden, his gorgeous tattoos were on display. Anyways, people figured out this tatted guy […]

Jeffree Star drags Ex-Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in current drama

I guess we all were wrong while thinking Jeffree Star will never say ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt’s name again. More than four months ago, Jeffree shaded ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in a YouTube video while referring to the ‘Aston Martin’ drama. He was having a heart-to-heart moment with his assistant who said “It’s sad what you do […]

Jeffree Star’s New Boyfriend Cooks for him

Three days ago Jeffree Star posted a mysterious picture on his Instagram.  In which he was glued to this guy with tattoos. And the next thing we know is Jeffree Star is no more single. As he finally made his relationship official with basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’. We don’t really know if Jeffree made the […]

Jeffree Star Reveals New Boyfriend ‘Andre Marhold’

Jeffree Star never fails to amaze us with his spectacular tendencies to stay in the spotlight. And this time he has done it by teasing a couple of explicit pictures on his social media. We all know Jeffree had a dry spell of five months after his breakup with long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Then […]

Jeffree Star Boyfriend Alert | Who’s The Mystery Guy ?

Alright, so it’s been almost 5 months since Jeffree Star parted ways with his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Their breakup was almost clean. But, then Jeffree stirred havoc on social media, and there appeared to be bad blood between the two. But Nathan has been silent throughout. Recently, Jeffree Star shared some pictures on his social […]

Jeffree Star Heartwarming Fan Encounter with a Delivery Woman

Jeffree Star’s empowering start to 2020 quickly turned upside down when him and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt broke up. The break up was especially surprising as it happened right after Jeffree Star moved into his new house to have space for his ‘family to grow’. Jeffree has been healing. One Day At A Time. He is […]