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Best Disses From The Roast of Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall is by far one of the most influential TikTokers around. And he has 20 million followers on TikTok alone! So, he has quickly gained a lot of fame with his status as the “bad boy” within influencer circles due to his erratic attitude. And in true Hollywood style, he was the subject of […]

Jeff Wittek Threatened to Kill Ethan Klein?

Drama and beef is all good, but there are some lines that should not be crossed. And that is why the drama between Ethan Klein and Jeff Wittek is so concerning. Ethan Klein, host of the H3 podcast, recently cancelled a scheduled interview with influencer Jeff Wittek. And the cancellation comes as a result of […]

Jeff Wittek Calls Former Friend David Dobrik a ‘Scumbag’

Jeffery R. Wittek, famously known as Jeff Wittek, has called his old friend “A Scumbag”. Who is this old friend you may ask? Well, that friend is no other than David Dobrik. And yes you read it right, David Dobrik has been called a scumbag by Jeff Wittek. Jeff in a new episode of his […]

Tana Mongeau talks about kissing Jeff Wittek at a recent party

Oh well!! We are once again here to give you all a scoop on Tana Mongeau’s recent single-life shenanigans. And this time, we are really glad to inform you all that she moved on to someone who is not Harry Jowsey, Bryce Hall, Joey Joy, or David Dobrik. Yes, guys! The lucky guy is none […]

David Dobrik is plotting a return to YouTube in early 2022?

Apparently, the disgraced YouTuber isn’t ready to quit the YouTube game just yet. Even though he was involved in multiple controversies surrounding his Vlog Squad, Dobrik is still planning a big return on YouTube. There are sources reporting that David Dobrik is planning his epic return. The sudden downfall of David Dobrik’s empire There was […]