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James Charles denies grooming underage fan after accusations surface

James Charles is once again caught under fire for grooming an underage fan. The whole thing initiated from TikTok when a guy named “Redzai” posted a video and accused James Charles of grooming him. Later, James took to his Twitter account and tried to explain his side of the story. All of James’ fans were […]

Why Jenn McAllister & James Charles Feuding on Twitter

James Charles is being called out again for not staying at home during the pandemic. This time he’s getting into some messy feuds. When one popular YouTuber, Jenn McAllister called him out on Twitter, Charles ended up retaliating but then later backtracking. Related: James Charles & Manny MUA call out Keemstar for voting Donald Trump […]

James Charles doesn’t think Sister Squad is getting back together

James Charles has some news for his long time fans and followers. And it’s about the famous Sister Squad. Those of you who have been following the beauty guru and YouTuber for a long time know that before he was best friends with Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Larray, Noah Beck, and other TikTokers, he had […]

Trisha Paytas uses her sexuality to shade James Charles

Trisha Paytas is back at creating drama in the YouTuber community. That’s something that people know her for as she’s often garnered views and attention by feuding with other YouTubers. She’s criticized many other YouTubers such as Gabbie Hanna, Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Vlog Squad, David Dobrik, her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash. This time she’s coming […]

Jake Paul is jealous of James Charles Streamys nomination?

Jake Paul is coming up with a claim about the 2020 Streamy Awards. He did not get a nomination and he shared something controversial about the awards this year. Jake seems to believe that the people who got nominated for a Streamy this year only did so because members of their PR team slept with […]

James Charles gets cancelled for “ignoring” Muslim Lives Matter

We are living in the cancel culture and it’s time to cancel everyone for every reason, apparently. 2020 is not over yet and we have no idea what the winters will bring. For now, the world has already canceled dozens of influencers and celebrities. And now, they are coming for James Charles again. James remains […]