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Jameela Jamil Regrets Slut-Shaming Beyonce, Miley Cyrus & Rihanna

Jameela Jamil is one person who is not afraid to speak her mind. However, it is safe to say she also regrets some of the harsh things she has said on social media. Jameela Jamil is known for being outspoken and calling things out as she sees them. Especially celebrities who either promote harmful products […]

Jameela Jamil claps back at people sending her online hate

Jameela Jamil has once again proved what a savage queen she is by clapping back at trolls. The actress posted an old picture of herself which was making rounds on the internet and gave a shut-up call to the person who started it. In the picture, the Model is seen standing all dolled up in […]

Jameela Jamil Drags Elon Musk for saying ‘Pronouns Suck’

Remember the time when Elon Musk was regarded as a cool and innovative entrepreneur? Almost everyone admired him or what he did for the world with his SpaceX program or Tesla cars. However, that time is long gone. Now he’s a firm capitalist and doesn’t believe in pronouns. He also believes that people were panicking […]

Why Demi Lovato Cut Her Exes Out Of Her Life

Demi Lovato has pretty much grown in the public eye. From her Barney days to being on Disney, she has always been in the bright glare of the spotlight. And even though that meant we saw all her success, it also meant the public got to see all the gory details of her life. Including […]