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Jake Paul Plans to Marry Julia Rose Really Soon!

I don’t know why but I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs. As Jake Paul is planning to propose Julia Rose really soon. We all know that he and Julia have an on-and-off going relationship. One day they are together, the next day they are seen on each other’s social media. And […]

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul MTV Show ‘Bustedness’ in Works?

YouTube couple Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have a massive announcement to make. Yes, you’ve guessed it wrong, they are not having a baby or getting a divorce (how can an alleged fake marriage lead to it anyways). Surprisingly, It has nothing to do with their personal life. Its actually about their upcoming MTV show […]

These Proofs Suggest Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Wedding Is Fake

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s wedding is the talk of the world from last few days. The couple got engaged last month and the preparations have been anything but normal. Keeping in view the past track record of Jake Paul, many fans did not believe him when he said he is really going to marry […]