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Jaclyn Hill Takes Break From Social Media Due To Health Issues

On Tuesday, Jaclyn Hill unfolded multiple tweets regarding her health. Jaclyn also talked about her personal and mental health (during a get ready with me + opening video), last month on her YouTube channel. But this time, she confirmed she won’t be back until she is healthy again. Related: Jaclyn Hill responds to the backlash […]

Jaclyn Hill Slams People For Calling Her Father A Cult Leader

It’s like one of those things that shake you from head to toe and you have the sudden urge to spill the beans with someone. There might be a lot of people who won’t genuinely care about this. But we need to at least get some weight off from our shoulders…right? Well, turns out Jaclyn […]

Jaclyn Hill’s Latest Non-Cruelty Free Feud With Morphe

A few days ago, Jaclyn Hill received backlash when a fan of her purchased the first Volume of Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette. Things went south pretty fast after that. There were multiple videos and an unbelievable & shocking revelation. The palette was originally cruelty-free. But the latest version is not the same anymore. Will […]

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette | Vol. 1 Vs Vol. 2

Jaclyn Hill is back with the game-changer eyeshadow palette she had first created. But this time, it’s volume 2. Despite the eyeshadow palettes’ pictures getting leaked, Jaclyn did not let any of it steal her moment. In fact, the makeup mogul came on screen to share the first look and details all by herself. She […]

Jaclyn Hill New Morphe Palette Was Leaked Before Announcement

Though 2019 was not exactly her year in the beginning, and in the middle also. However, Jaclyn Hill fought her way back into the makeup world by launching her highlighters collection and WOWing everyone. Some of them are even Jeffree Star approved. Jaclyn has been through hell after the flop launch of her cosmetics line. […]

Trisha Paytas Is Dating Jacyln Hill’s Ex Husband

Trisha Paytas is giving her fans and followers Vertigo for real. She hosted a Christmas party, sided with Nikocado Avocado on the whole Stephanie Soo situation (kind of), shared pictures with Jason Nash look-alike Jeff and what not. To top it off and as a New Year gift, Trisha decided to up the game and […]

Sneak Peek: Jaclyn Cosmetics Holiday Collection Reveal

After a teary, emotional message from Jaclyn Hill about the first launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics, the makeup mogul proceeded to heartily thank all her fans and followers for their support. She has now revealed her first Holiday Collection. Hill is evidently, super excited about Jaclyn Cosmetics Holiday Collection 2019. In fact, she had been working […]