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Insatiable Season 2

Josh Dun Wants You to Watch Insatiable Season 2

Not a big fan of Insatiable but a big fan of Twenty-One Pilots? Well, we guess you’ll have to like the former too because Josh Dun wants you to watch it. And when you hear why, you’re bound to go awwww. Josh Dun Promotes Fiance Debby Ryan’s Show We bet not many of you know […]

Alyssa Milano Hints at Insatiable Season 3

One of Alyssa Milano’s posts from her Instagram has us giving fans false hope or maybe not? The Insatiable star recently took to her Instagram to post a picture with the co-stars from Insatiable. It’s not the picture that would excite the fans, it’s the sneaky caption. Wait for a little and we’ll tell you […]