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Mike Majlak says he is not the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby

I and millions of people know that Mike Majlak never talks like a grown-up person. But to our utter surprise, he actually did. And he just congratulated his ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades on getting pregnant. As expected, Mike appeared in the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE and addressed all the rumors regarding Lana Rhoades’s latest announcement on […]

Logan Paul Thinks Harry Styles Wearing a Dress is Manly!

Logan Paul is trending on Twitter, and this time for all the right reasons. Harry Styles’ iconic Vogue cover where he is donning on a dress has sparked a huge debate online. While some are praising the singer for broadening the term masculinity by looking stunning in a dress, some keep saying that what he […]

Julia Rose talks about Jake Paul & Harry Jowsey on Impaulsive

So Julia Rose just made an appearance on the Impaulsive’s latest episode and talked about Jake Paul, Harry Jowsey, and much more. Now you all must be aware of Julia and Jake’s history. They both dated for a couple of months and parted ways in June or July. But some of you might not know […]

Logan Paul Replaces Host Mac on Impaulsive because of Mike Majlak?

Well, this news might be upsetting for a lot of Impaulsive fans who loved Mac on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive. Some of you might not know this, but Logan’s Impaulsive podcast is co-hosted by two of his very close friends Mac and Mike Majlak. Almost two weeks ago, Mike misbehaved with Mac during a podcast. Some […]

Tekashi 6ix9ine comes on Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ Podcast

Oh, my God! We know that Logan Paul and his Impaulsive friends go out of their way to stay in the spotlight by participating in controversial activities. If they are not doing that, they will definitely pick up a fight with somebody. Hence, it’s no surprise that Logan Paul just invited the very controversial music […]

Dolan Twins and Logan Paul are now friends!

I just can’t keep calm because the Dolan Twins have finally made it to Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’. We all know Logan has some history with the Dolan Twins. And for all those people who still didn’t know anything about it. They might have guessed it from watching the Dolan Twin’s recent video. That is ‘Selling […]

Logan Paul won’t let girlfriend Josie Canseco do THIS to him

Alright, so I am kind of shocked why a sphincter is part of Logan Paul’s podcast. And why is Logan upset with his girlfriend ‘Josie Canseco’? This ‘sphincter’ topic is a little sensitive to me because of some obvious reasons. But I totally get where Logan stands in this situation and why he is so […]

Logan Paul Just Got Himself Tested For COVID-19

I don’t think you guys need an introduction of this guy. Logan Paul has managed to achieve so much at such an early age. He is not only an actor but also a very famous YouTuber. Logan is also running a podcast channel on YouTube by the name of ‘Impaulsive‘ since 2018. Logan also has […]