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Hugh Jackman Turned Down Kevin Feige For Wolverine Role

It was perhaps after Dark Phoenix when fans and the creators realized that no longer can Fox be given the charge to lead any X-Men movies. The franchise has found new leadership in the form of Marvel and Kevin Feige, giving new hope to everyone. As honest as one can be, Fox’s handling of the […]

Hugh Jackman calls Ryan Reynolds “gum on his shoe”

Even during this coronavirus lockdown, Ryan Reynolds has not failed to keep us entertained. The feud between him and Hugh Jackman is legendary, to say the least. It has even political ads and meme templates. Ryan Reynolds quipped at Jackman’s wife Deb, and Jackman is not going to take this lately. It seems that their […]

Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Pause Social Media Feud For Charity

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s hilarious social media feud took a halt for charity alliance. On Monday, both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman end their hilarious social media feud to support the All-In Challenge. The actors are teaming up to help one lucky fan have a lemonade stand to raise money for, Feeding America, No Kid Hungry, […]

Hugh Jackman makes another handwashing video

The pandemic and the fear that comes with it, is making people restless of course. But worrying is not the way to go. Keeping your self safe and protected sure is important, but so is keeping yourself mentally relaxed. There is a pandemic at hand and people are figuring out a way to handle it. […]

Valentine’s Day Posts By Celebrities Show Love Was In The Air

On this Valentine’s Day celebrities were feeling the love like everyone else. From showing off flowers to taking sweet pictures on a Friday night, celebrity couples were uploading pictures on social media. We even got to see a rare sight of Gigi Hadid announcing her love for Zayn Malik by calling him her valentine. Justin […]