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What Lauv Had To Say When People Guessed His Sexuality

The internet is quite a tricky place because virtually everyone is free to voice their own opinions on something. Sometimes, opinions can be a good thing. But at most times, they can be unwanted for instance in this case. People are assuming Lauv’s sexuality. Some believe that he is gay. Related: Lauv & Lany’s Paul […]

Why Jessica Alba’s Tweets Were Suddenly Racist And Homophobic

Before anyone jumps to cancel her, let us clarify that her twitter account has been hacked. On July 27th, Jessica Alba’s account got hacked and the hacker made some racist and homophobic tweets. Related: Jessica Alba Is A Beauty Guru Now Jessica Alba’s Twitter Got Hacked Tweets from July 27th to 28th are not tweeted […]

Is Lost in the Fire by The Weeknd Homophobic?

Apparently, another controversy surrounding The Weeknd has come up. This time, people are accusing him of using homophobic lyrics in his new single with Gesaffelstein, ‘Lost In The Fire’. The lyrics in question center around a pretty explicit couple of lines in the second verse of Lost In The Fire, where The Weeknd sings “You’re […]