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Hila Klein announces she’s pregnant on the live H3 podcast!

Hila Klein surprised her husband by announcing that she is pregnant on the live H3 podcast. Hila Klein is the wife of Ethan Klein. The duo are owners of Teddy Fresh and co-hosts of their H3H3 podcast. Ethan and Hila met in 2007 and got married in 2012. They also have a son together whose […]

Ethan Klein claims James Charles has copied his merch designs

I don’t know about you guys but I was super excited for James Charles’ new Sisters Apparel collection. I am just going to drop a link here if you guys have not seen it yet. James even did a fabulous shoot with some amazing TikTok content creators for this new collection. Which will be revealed […]

H3 Podcast Exposes Trisha Paytas For Ruining Bachelorette

Well, it was just yesterday when we were guessing why Trisha Paytas is trolling her fans these days. She is spending her quarantined life with an alleged new boyfriend. And that is exactly how she is trolling her fans, especially those who applied for her The Bachelorette being run by hehe productions. Ethan Klein and […]