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THTH’s Harry Johnson & Harry Jowsey Joke About Doing a Dirty Show!

The winner of season 3 of “Too Hot To Handle”, Harry Johnson has developed a quite interesting friendship with Harry Jowsey who is one of the winners of season 1 of “Too Hot To Handle”. These popular media personalities have caught attention of fans quite few times. Jowsey and Johnson have uploaded videos on Instagram […]

Harry Jowsey & Bryce Hall Share a Kiss Again!

So, Harry Jowsey and Bryce Hall have a track record of kissing each other. And the two former Sway House members have been caught on camera kissing a bunch of times. So what we are going to share next, is definitely not going to be a surprise! And the Too Hot To Handle star, Harry […]

Harry Jowsey Reveals He Once Slept During S*x

Oh well!! I guess by now we all know the Too Hot To Handle season 1 contestant & one of the winners, Harry Jowsey. The Australian Hottie kept on giving mini heart attacks to his fans throughout the show. Every time when he got closer to his fellow contestant Francesca Farago, fans knew he is […]

Did Charly Jordan & Harry Jowsey attend the Cirque du Soleil Show Together?

Harry Jowsey and Charly Jordan have us running in circles! And their constant “Are they Or aren’t they” kind of relationship is super confusing. While neither of them have confirmed their relationship status, everything points to it. And they are quickly becoming one of TikTok’s favorite couples and fans are shipping them together. However, they […]

Tayler Holder Reacts To Charly Jordan & Harry Jowsey’s Relationship

Guess you didn’t see that one coming, did you? Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan were one of the most popular TikTok couples but they ended their relationship. Then a few weeks ago, most of Tayler’s closest friends from the influencer industry unfollowed him. He might be facing sexual misconduct allegations, as per many hints but […]

Netflix and Harry Jowsey are working on a secret project?

It seems that a new Harry Jowsey Netflix show is underway. Although he has become a huge celebrity since Too Hot To Handle came out, the Australian influencer is working constantly. From owning several businesses to starring in dating shows, he has done it all. Recently, THTH star and Netflix dropped some hints about a […]

Vinnie Hacker Shares He Was Sexually Assaulted When He Was 16

Hype House member Vinnie Hacker shared a personal story on the Harry Jowsey’s Tap In Podcast. He opened up a lot about his life in Hype House, his recent fight with Deji where he won in the ‘TikTokers Vs. YouTubers’ match and some traumatic incidents in his life. Hype House member Vinnie Hacker opened up […]