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Hailey Bieber Clarifies The Timeline Of Her & Justin Bieber’s Romance

After it was revealed to the general public that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber) would be getting married, fans were a little skeptical. The timeline of it seemed suspicious to everyone since Justin had only recently been with ex Selena Gomez. The quick engagement and then wedding led fans to believe Hailey […]

Hailey Baldwin flaunts navel piercing in sizzling hot swimsuit

Hailey Baldwin Bieber might not be your regular Disney Princess, but she is pretty hot. She keeps herself fit and healthy and that’s all we could only dream of. (Especially in these quarantined days when laziness is at its peak.) While Justin Bieber and Hailey cannot enjoy a sunny day at the beach these days. […]

Hailey Baldwin had Plastic Surgery?

Has Hailey Baldwin had plastic surgery? According to Beauty and Plastic Surgery YouTuber Lorry Hill, she has. In a new video, she shared the number of ways she can tell when someone gets the surgery done. And she claimed that Justin Bieber has definitely had one and denies it. We dug into it too. Keep […]

What’s With the Justin Bieber Love Triangle?

Fans deeply invested in Justin Bieber’s tumultuous romantic life will be glad to know that all is good. The raging waters are now calm and all seems to be well with the newlyweds – 24 year old singer-songwriter Justin Bieber and his wife, the 21 year old model, Hailey Baldwin.