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H3 Podcast Exposes Trisha Paytas For Ruining Bachelorette

Well, it was just yesterday when we were guessing why Trisha Paytas is trolling her fans these days. She is spending her quarantined life with an alleged new boyfriend. And that is exactly how she is trolling her fans, especially those who applied for her The Bachelorette being run by hehe productions. Ethan Klein and […]

Trisha Paytas Is Trolling Her Fans Again With A New Boyfriend?

Everyone must have thought that Trisha Paytas would take a break during her Quarantine mode. And that she wouldn’t stir any drama for some while. However, all wishes do not come true. Especially when it comes to Trisha and your wishes. While we finally believed 2020 would be her year of “no-drama-mama”, she just had […]