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Gabbie Hanna releases cover of song ‘You Oughta Know’

I am sure you all know about Gabbie Hanna. The famous singer and songwriter, author, YouTuber and internet personality. Gabbie Hanna is actually famous for many things but mainly because of her opinionated takes and controversies. Gabbie also wrote a book which is called ‘Adultolescene’. The book appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list […]

Gabbie Hanna spills details on Trisha Paytas song

Remember how we said ever since Gabbie Hanna has come back from her hiatus, it has been peaceful? Well, we may have spoken too soon. The 2WAYMIRROR singer is sinking back into her toxic routine and it seems harder to keep up with her every hour. As the YouTuber, Gabbie Hanna falls back into her […]

Gabbie Hanna Releases Goodbye for Now Music Video

Things with YouTuber and musician Gabbie Hanna have been relatively peaceful since her return to the online world. She seems to be working to keep herself occupied in her own world. Not to say all the controversy around her is gone. But if there is one thing her fans and haters have in common, they […]

Gabbie Hanna is writing a song about Trisha Paytas!

We know that Gabbie Hanna isn’t exactly on the best terms with her fellow YouTuber community. The influencer recently came back to the internet after her hiatus and she came back with her final word. She released a video talking about, without names, an abusive friendship that led to all the drama she has had […]

Gabbie Hanna releases Intense Music Video for ‘Special’

Gabbie Hanna’s drama aside, she just released her music video for her Bad Karma EP song Special. Her music is one of the things that reflect her personality. And special is a song all about how people use their words to manipulate, spread rumors, and hate. The entire song focuses on the practice of gaslighting […]

Gabbie Hanna EP Bad Karma Full Review

If there is one thing we love about Gabbie Hanna, it is her music. And her new EP Bad Karma is every bit dripping with drama as is her life. The entire EP is meant to be about betrayal, lies, revenge, etc. and we certify that it delivers. The 5 song album is all about […]

Gabbie Hanna’s new single Glass House Out Now!

Light up you Gabbie Hanna lovers! Or considering the song lights down guys. Gabbie just released one of her best and creepiest songs ever! Her new EP Bad Karma is on the way to you guys but before then, on the 1st of May, as promised, Gabbie Hanna put out her new single Glass House. […]

You can be in Gabbie Hanna’s Next Music Video

Gabbie Hanna is at it! After constant fan requests to put out new music, the month of May would come as a pleasant surprise for them. We have already heard and loved Dandelion. The song of a girl who never fit in. To be honest, the song feels a bit like the ugly ducking metaphor. […]