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FRIENDS Reunion – Fans React To The Surprise Announcement

A Friends reunion? Could we be any more excited? When Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram, she used a picture of a casual Friends reunion and oh boy, everyone was over the moon with joy. Be it Lisa Kudrow or David Schwimmer – each time any cast member of the show appears for an interview, the question […]

Will Cole Sprouse Star On the ‘Friends’ Reunion Special?

Cole Sprouse is popularly known for his role as Jughead in the teen series Riverdale now. But he and his twin brother Dylan Sprouse started acting at a very young age. In fact, Cole Sprouse starred in NBC’s Friends series as Ross Geller’s son Ben Geller. Now, after so many years of anxious waiting and […]

Matthew Perry Wants to Look Like Bradley Cooper

Our favorite character on Friends as Chandler Bing. He was relatable and real. He was sarcastic at times as well. Overall, he seriously he was a mood! And all of that was because of the actor who played him. Matthew Perry for Chandler Bing was the best casting ever. The actor’s tweets just prove that. […]