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Trisha Paytas | Withdrawing From Opioid Addiction

Trisha Paytas has been feeling low from the last few days which initially worried her fans. She was off from her Twitter and Instagram accounts for two days. But she is kind of active on her YouTube now and she recently shared her experience of coming off from her opioid addiction. The opioid addiction experience […]

Trisha Paytas Officially Announces Breakup With Jason Nash

From the last three months, Trisha Paytas has been avoiding the elephant in the room named Jason Nash, her ex-boyfriend. The pre-breakup drama involved their mutual friend David Dobrik which certainly seemed to have affected Trisha Paytas’ relationship with Jason Nash. She kept ignoring the public demand to address the reasons behind their break up. […]

Trisha Paytas Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Public figures and celebrities are accused of cultural appropriation time and again.  Every minute detail counts when all the people are looking at you. Trisha Paytas is one of the celebrities that have recently been accused of Cultural Appropriation. Her picture created a new controversy and fans are certainly not happy. Related:  Trisha Paytas Cameo […]

Trisha Paytas Cameo Costs More Than Her Patreon But Is It Worth It

Trisha Paytas is very active on her social profiles from last couple of days after being MIA for weeks. She explained her absence on her official YouTube channel blndsundoll4mj. The 20 minute video is full of emotional tears and raw vulnerability; the kind of which we are used to seeing from Paytas. However, she is […]

Trisha Paytas Venturing Into a New Career & Identity Post Breakup

Lately, Trisha Paytas has been acting in a way that is making her followers a bit concerned. Everyone is assuming that may be going through a rough patch due to her possible break-up with long-time boyfriend Jason Nash. Neither she or Nash have made any official confirmations as of yet. Though, we are sure of […]